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Individual sessions last about an hour and may include a guided meditation at the beginning. This meditation is designed to relax us, to directly show us the peace and freedom of our true Self. I usually work through Skype; other options include WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Some of the topics that can be addressed in individual sessions are:

  • Issues in relationships in general
  • Honest and assertive communication, how to say ‘no’
  • Money and work
  • Body and looks issues
  • Healing trauma/conflict experience of the past
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Who am I? (Non-duality session)

I prefer to use the Work of Byron Katie as a tool when working with these, except in non-duality sessions where you are probed to directly experience the truth of Yourself.

My clients often feel relieved after one session, gaining deeper insights that later have a positive impact on their lives, and if you are ready and ripe you may experience a significant shift of your old patterns and beliefs.

I offer a sliding-scale fee. Inquire about the prices. Also if financially challenged, I do this work by donation as well. 

To schedule a session with me, email me on: