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Deepening Your Practice

A course for deeper introspection and resolution of suffering

I have created this course to help you shed the light into those less visible and unconscious areas of your mind that often trip us up in life. The course consists of 8 individual Skype sessions, each starting with a short meditation designed to relax your mind, to heal your wounds and show you the simplicity of your true Self directly.

We will look into your limiting beliefs regarding other people in your life, your body, we will investigate your fears and shames, your inability to be authentic and honest in all situations of your life. We will also revisit past conflicts and traumas by your choice in order to gain a fresh look and internal resolution of them. Illumination of these areas in your life will provide you with more clarity and freedom, and less suffering and conflicts.

Through this course, you will also learn to do The Work of Byron Katie on your own so you can help yourself and others. Each session includes homework with hands-on tasks designed to deepen your practice further.

I offer a sliding-scale fee for the course, please contact me to inquire about it. 


Cancellation policy 
To avoid a cancellation fee for an individual session of this course, a minimum of 48 hrs is required for appointment rescheduling and cancellations. Changes made with less than 24 hrs notice will incur the full fee of the session. When you make a booking, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy.