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Love is Ego’s Ultimate Failure

Most people wait for love to come from another person, as we believe that we need someone outside ourselves to complete us. This search objectifies others – you see them as an instrument of your happiness, an object that will complete you, that is supposed to give you something you don’t have (and you also believe yourself to be an object or an instrument of seduction).  However, we are not mere objects to be manipulated with – as it seems to us when we perceive the world through the eyes of a separate ego, we are the very source of love and we move away from it when we start searching for fulfillment outside ourselves.

Love is ego’s ultimate failure as love requires complete and total openness – no pretense, no barriers, no seduction – just pure innocence. Love cannot be manipulated, forced, controlled, achieved, bought, owned, conquered…. (and some egos might just try to do this, because egos are all about separation, and what ‘I’ can get from ‘you’). The feeling of love spontaneously appears in awareness – it cannot be generated at will, it cannot be hold onto. It is life flowing its way in spite of ego’s desires and dreams and that is why our ego is powerless in front of it as it is outside of its influence. Love is actually who we are in our essence – gentle, all-embracing, open awareness and when the small ego gets broken down by life, love that we have been searching for is finally revealed to be us – whole, complete and pristine Presence.

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