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Are you ready to dive into Yourself?

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and suffering. There is a way to peace. There is this vast love waiting for us to discover it underneath our mental chaos. We are that love. It is living us, breathing us, growing us in every single moment. No mistake ever.

We all want peace, love, freedom and self-fulfillment – and in truth, these are not to be found outside in our life circumstances, but inside, here and now. I use the Work of Byron Katie as a simple, and yet incredibly effective tool for uncovering this deeper reality of who we are. By engaging in this practice you meet those less conscious parts of yourself and bring them out to the light of awareness where they can be embraced and understood – and in that understanding you discover that they melt away and leave clarity behind – you as a saner, happier, more authentic human being.

The Work is something that you can learn to do for yourself and at the very beginning it is valuable to have the help of someone who is experienced in it and who will be deeply present with you and offer gentle guidance as you open yourself up to this process. I also offer short guided meditations that are designed to show your directly your unbound, already free Being.

I went through intense suffering and found a way out of it – let me light the path for you as well. I invite you to embark on this exciting inner adventure and contact me for any additional information at:

Individual session

Question and resolve your stressful thoughts or dive deeper into the nature of Self.

Group work

We do the Work of Byron Katie and meditations in a small group setting.

Zoom meetings

Every Sunday at 8PM CET, meditation & talk - donation based.

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